At our core we have created and validated two groundbreaking profiling technologies:


We are currently structuring and analysing the entire social web at an exponential rate using deep-learning models, allowing us to profile everyone on an individual basis across their social footprint in real-time.

As a consequence we can profile 4 times deeper than any other social analytics tool. This granularity makes our data both more accurate and actionable. In seconds we automatically optimise the targeting criteria of leading social platforms resulting in cost efficiencies of on average 50% across all advertisers key performance metrics. Personalyze, to quote our clients. is a game-changing technology.

Our proprietary technology is scaleable across all social media networks, present and future.


Our revolutionary algorithm can determine people’s personalities from their media consumption behaviour (ie. what they listen to, watch and read). It delivers the same accuracy as a 60-minute written psychometric test (~80%). However, we do it all invisibly, non-intrusively and in seconds.