Social Intelligence

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Helping brands understand their social customers better and target new customers more cost effectively.

TopicDNA is our Social Intelligence SaaS Platform. We have created a unique one-stop shop solution for brands which helps them better understand, engage and target their customers across social media. We can help with all aspects of social strategy, planning and activation.

We’ve created a groundbreaking classification system for social media which enables us to profile every individual’s interests and behaviours across all major social networks in real-time to an unprecedented level providing accurate and actionable customer insights.

As a result, we help brands, and their media agencies, secure a higher ROI across earned, owned and paid social. We are on average over 50% more cost efficient on all advertisers’ key performance metrics across all social networks.

Planning & Strategy

  • Customer Profiling
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Intelligence


  • Influencer Search
  • Optimised Social Ad Targeting
  • Optimise Social Creative

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