To profile High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and how they engaged with 8 specific topics in social investing across 6 territories (US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore).


To filter for HNWIs we took the initial client list of criteria and added more handles for markets that were underrepresented (i.e. HK/SG/CH). We prioritised the more niche publications (Luxury Life Magazine) and then broadened the search to the more general ones (i.e. NYTimes). We then applied our own persona filter “Aristocrat” and saw how they engaged with the following topics: Artificial Intelligence, Diversity, Education Equality, Health and Technology, Health Equality, Philanthropy, Societal Economic Development and Sustainability.


We were able to find what HNWIs engaged with in those topics such as hashtags, websites, keywords, emojis, media type, content and influencers and how they trended across a 5-year period.