The World’s Most Powerful People-Based Profiling Technology

Personalyze is an award-winning, AI-driven people analytics company that has created the world’s most powerful profiling technology on individuals across social and digital, enabling us to understand people better than anyone else.

Discover our newest product, TopicDNA, a one-stop platform that helps brands strategize and plan customer activation opportunities.

Discover TopicDNA

Personalyze is a small team of engineers, data scientists, and marketeers that aim to revolutionize the way companies understand their customers.

Our unique patent-pending technology allows us to profile everyone on social and digital on an individual basis in real-time globally in seconds. This leads to an unparalleled level of consumer understanding and unprecedented cost savings across paid social targeting.

We power people-based marketing throughout the entire media ecosystem for the benefit of brands, media agencies, trading desks, data providers and publishers. We deliver unparalleled customer insights at scale and speed that are both more accurate and more actionable. We harness advanced machine learning methods to help brands truly understand their customers so they can hyper-personalize their customer’s experiences leading to increased relevancy, engagement and revenue.

In an increasingly saturated marketplace with a growing number of offline and online advertising channels, how are marketeers expected to cut through all the noise and reach their target audience? Via PERSONALIZATION. It's the present and future of consumer marketing.

At our core we have created and validated two groundbreaking profiling technologies

Emotional Intelligence

Our revolutionary algorithm can determine people’s personalities from their media consumption behaviour (ie. what they listen to, watch and read). It delivers the same accuracy as a 60-minute written psychometric test (~80%). However, we do it all invisibly, non-intrusively and in seconds.


We are partnering with some of the world’s most innovative brands and media agencies helping them solve their business challenges.

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