About Personalyze?

As consumers we are continually besieged with advertising & marketing communications.
Some are welcomed but many are not.

At Personalyze we’re tired of receiving irrelevant messages from brands attempting to sell us products and services we neither want or need and strongly believe that this lazy spray and pray approach needs to stop.

So, we are on a mission to make digital marketing & advertising more relevant for consumers.

Our people profiling technology helps brands to better identify & understand their most valuable customers, new & existing, and turn them into an audience so they can be targeted with increased relevance across social & digital advertising channels.

Relevance is everything. So if you want to amplify advertising attention, increase likelihood to purchase, grow brand affinity & ultimately build a more personal relationship with your  customers get in touch as  we’d love to help.

Who we are in brief

Big data analytics company with proprietary people profiling technology
Provide audience & advertising intelligence
Build more relevant personas
Make social simple - from insights to activation all in one platform
GDPR compliant & ads API partner of all leading social networks.